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The Historic Valmont Valley Farm
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I am Lee Ann McGinty, the owner and sole proprietor of Valmont Valley Farm, located in the old town site of Valmont, Colorado (now part of Boulder, Colorado). I am the fourth generation to live here and am proud to say that this has always been a farm run by women.  But we haven’t always been in the flower business…


My Great Grandmother, Minnie Madge, brought her young family to Valmont over one hundred years ago. She grew fruit trees, vegetables, and raised 6,000 chickens! Then my mother, Lois, purchased the farm from her grand mother and grew enough food to feed our family of 5. I have since inherited the farm and continue to grow our food and, now, flowers, too!


My immediate family moved to the farm in 1962, after my Dad retired from the Air Force. Our “new” home was barely livable, stuck in the 19th century. No plumbing or heating, except for a huge, wood-burning kitchen stove and a hand pump for water...and an outside privy. Someday soon, I will do a blog post about this old house, farm and community. It has an amazing history. 

I am the creative, artistic member of the family and usually had my head in the clouds. I was always more interested in riding horses, painting pictures and growing pretty flowers, than practical farm work. But, growing up on a farm teaches one to work hard and be resourceful. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first business at the age of 24 and have had several successful businesses since--I have been a professional dressmaker, an owner of an antiques gallery, and even a former ballroom dancer! I am an artist, a floral designer, horsewoman, and, for the last 20 some years, a farmer. 


In 1998, I moved back to the farm to help care for my ailing mother, and after she passed, I stayed on to help my dad. Like my mom did in 1962, I revived the garden to help feed us. Every year my garden grew bigger and bigger, until I had more than we could ever need. I put a tent at the end of the property and sold vegetables, flowers, canned goods and tomato plants. Much to my delight, my little stand became a popular stop for local folks.


Happily, my dad is still with us. At 98 years old, it has become harder to leave him alone for long periods while I work in the vegetable garden, and impossible to run a farm stand by myself. So I took the opportunity to grow more flowers near the house. For the last few years, I have been honing my skills and learning more about the business of flower farming. I cultivate my beautiful, organic flowers through sustainable, no-till permaculture techniques, and I strive to produce the best quality, while also preserving our environment and valuable water resources. I love my life surrounded by flowers, it’s just roses! (and dahlias, and zinnias!)

The Farm Stand Team

Valmont Valley Farm, Naughty Goat Farm, and Andrus Farm, all historic Valmont farms, have partnered and share a farm stand at Naughty Goat Farm, just up the street. Between the three farms, we offer flowers, vegetables, fresh baked goods, and free-range, organic meat and eggs. We provide a one-stop-shop for a wider variety of farm-fresh wares.  Please, come check us out and support local farmers!


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Please stop by the stand, or order directly from my online shop!


Thank you for shopping local, and supporting me and the historic Valmont Valley Farm!

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