Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Valmont Valley Farm flowers? (Hours and Locations)

Please find these answers on our contact page. Click here for hours and locations.

What is a CSA subscription?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" A CSA consists of a group of "members" who come together to support a farm by purchasing "shares" of a farm's harvest before the growing season gets started. Members share the risks associated with farming and poor harvests due to unpredictable weather, pests, or natural disasters.
In return for their commitment, members receive a bountiful share of the harvest throughout the growing season, and gain the satisfaction of being able to participate in local agriculture.
By purchasing stock in my farm, members support the local economy, join me in becoming stewards of the land, and help small, local farms, like Valmont Valley Farm, continue to operate. Please consider supporting Valmont Valley Farm by buying an 8 or 16 week CSA in exchange for beautiful weekly floral arrangements.

What is "No-till" permaculture?

No-till/no-dig permaculture is a gardening method that aims for minimal disturbance of the soil, so that the natural processes can be preserved. No-dig gardening allows natural relationships between organisms to flourish and preserves the overall structure of the soil, leading to healthier soil and improved plant growth. New organic material in the form of compost or organic mulch is only added to the top of the soil to help prevent weeds from germinating and is left to decompose and be carried down into the soil by worms and other creatures. It mimics the natural processes of the forest floor and produces a lovely, nutrient rich, spongy soil that holds moisture and does not compact when walked on. Support sustainable practices by skipping the grocery store, freezer trucks, and commercial flower operations. Instead, purchase an 8 or 16 week fresh flower subscription from Valmont Valley Farm.

Gift Card Fine Print

How to collect your flowers: Weekly bouquets must be picked up, in person, at the Valmont Valley Farm on Wednesdays between 3-6pm. You may allow someone else to pick up your flowers, if you're unable. Flowers that are not picked up, will be donated to a local cause. Return and Refund Policy: As a CSA member of Valmont Valley Farm, you are considered an investor in the farm. Part of farming is contending with Mother Nature. There may be weather events outside of our control, such as hail or flood, which may affect my crop yield and production. In the case of a crop loss, no refunds will be given.