Grow Together~Week 35 August, 2021: Plants to Save Seeds from Now

Welcome to my special gardening page for those of you who like to garden yourselves!

During the growing season, I will make suggestions as to what gardening tasks we need to do. It will help keep you on track--as well as myself!

To keep things simple, I am using the year's weekly number, Week #1 through #52 (example: the week of January 1 is Week #1), instead of specific dates.

So, come on! Let's get our hands dirty!

Week 35:

Plants to Save Seeds from Now

In the Vegetable Patch

In the Flower Garden

Storing Seed

Gathering and saving seed for next year is a fun and economical fall project. There is nothing more frustrating to me than to buy a packet of seed for $3 or $4 and to find only five or six seeds in a packet! There are a lot of plants that you can easily collect seeds from now and save yourself a lot of money next year.

You will need:

  • Paper bags to gather seeds in.

  • Snips or scissors

  • Paper towels

  • Fine sieve

  • Small paper envelopes*

  • Marker

  • Silica moisture absorbing packet (Check your junk drawer, you probably have some laying around. They come in medicine/vitamin bottles, boxes containing electronics, etc.)

  • Air tight container

*It is important that you store your seeds in paper envelopes, not plastic baggies. Any moisture will cause the seeds to rot and mold.

Here are some easy seeds to collect and save:

In the Vegetable Patch:


Let a dozen or so bean pods stay on the plant until they are dry to the touch. Harvest and remove the outer shell and then let them sit out for another couple of weeks to make sure they are completely dry before storing.

Peppers & Chilies

Make sure peppers and chilies are good and ripe before collecting seeds. Leave the fruit on the plant until it gets it's mature color and starts to shrivel a little. Pepper and chili seeds are very easy to harvest. Cut open the fruit and scrape the seeds off of the center rib. Set out to dry for a couple of days before storing.

Caution! If gathering hot chili seeds, be sure to wear surgical or rubber gloves and don't touch your face or eyes!


Have your lettuce plants bolted? Good! Collect the seed! Just cut off the spent flower head, place in a paper bag and shake.

Don't forget to plant some now for fall greens!