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Murphy Goes to School

Murphy and I live across the street from Temple Grandin School. When Murphy first came home to the farm, the children seemed fascinated with him. On their breaks they would stand at the edge of the street and just look at him. Finally, one of the teachers came by and asked if Murphy could come for a visit, as the kids were obsessed with him. They would stare at him out the windows and wouldn't get any of their work done!

So, one day at lunch time, Murphy and I went over for a visit. I didn't know what to expect from Murphy, so I asked the students to approach calmly and in small groups. He was a bit overwhelmed at first, but soon realized that he was getting more attention than he could ever dream of! He was in heaven and the kids instantly fell in love with him. He is so big and cuddly and the students react in a very positive way to him. They really seem to be good for each other.

Temple Grandin School is a school for neurodiverse middle and high school students, many of whom are on the autism spectrum. Students who attend the school benefit from the differentiated academic program, challenging them more rigorously in the subjects in which they are uniquely gifted (for example, many of them excel at math and science) and supporting them robustly in the areas they find more challenging (such as writing). The school also helps students develop their social skills and supports their executive functioning, both areas of needed growth for learners in this population.

Most (if not all) TGS students love animals and find it fun and comforting to interact with them when they can. So when Murphy visits for lunch, he is greeted with excitement and adoration. And Murphy loves it, too!


Temple Grandin School

Does Temple Grandin School sound like a place for your neurodiverse student? You can learn more about the school at You can also schedule an in-person or virtual tour; just email TGS at or call at (303) 554-7363, or email the school at

~Lee Ann~

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